2019 CSA Now Open

What is CSA ~ Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA program is the best way to access fresh food from our farm. Essentially, CSA members purchase a ‘share’ of the harvest in the Spring in exchange for a weekly bounty of freshly harvested veggies for 18 weeks. Every week during the CSA season we harvest your vegetables, pack them up and deliver them into the city for you. This system is mutually beneficial to both farmer and CSA members and is very typical within organic small-scale agriculture across the world. CSA members benefit from a farm to fork relationship, knowing how your food is grown, insights and stories from the fields, experience seasonal eating plus tips and recipes for your veggies. We the farmers benefit from the financial support at the beginning of the season when there are many start-up costs. We also know this model can grow a strong community around the farm which warms our hearts the most. We are currently providing west end Toronto with our CSA shares.

What to Expect With Your Membership

  • 8-10 deliciously fresh seasonal items in your weekly share

When do vegetables start their seasonal availability?

May/June - salad greens, lettuce heads, bok choy, peas, beets, rapini, radish, chard, chinese cabbage and turnip

June/July - kale, broccoli, scallions, kohlrabi, cabbage, beans, carrots, zucchini, cherry tomato, cucumber and collards

July/August - tomatoes, garlic, peppers, eggplant and winter squash

  • weekly newsletter with farm stories, updates, recipes and kitchen tips for your vegetables!


  • $500 for the whole season, average of $28 in value each week

  • includes delivery into the city

  • we want our food to be accessible so if cost is an issue, we can set up an instalment plan. Please get in touch!


  • Thursdays 3 - 7pm

  • for 18 weeks starting from mid-June


Our pick-up location as changed. We are no longer dropping off at Blossom Pure

We have two new pick-up locations to choose from:

317 Rathburn Road, Etobicoke (corner of Rathburn Rd. and Dorlen Ave.)


697 Indian Road, Toronto (corner of Indian Rd. and Kenneth Ave.)


At both locations, you will find your vegetables waiting for you on a shady porch. More details about pick-up in our June orientation email.

How To Sign-Up

  • Fill out the form below

  • Payment can be made by

    • E-transfer to nourishedrootsmarketgarden@gmail.com

    • cheque made out to Nourished Roots Market Garden and mailed to us (mailing address will be emailed to you)

  • If you have any questions, feel free to send us them using the form below

  • Please note we have limited space in our CSA program

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"Nourished Roots Market Garden CSA came to me every week like a gift from the heavens, well worth the money.  It's as if every vegetable I thought I knew had a whole new taste to it. Never in my life have I enjoyed a tomato until I tasted theirs. Their carrots were fragrant.  The herbs were fresh. Knowing that I wasn't consuming pesticides renewed my appetite in a way I hadn't expected. I also loved the newsletter that Haley sent along with each week's haul.  The recipes helped me get to know new vegetables - kohlrabi for instance - and inspired me to make the most of the Nourished Roots bounty.  I'm dreading going back to the grocery store for my vegetables and very much looking forward to next year's CSA". ~ Simone Schmidt

“Thank you so much Haley and Paddy for such a delicious and healthy summer. Everything you grew was so yummy and definitely changed the way that me and my partner think about vegetables. I have always eaten vegetables but him not so much, and now he eats them every day, and wants to eat them everyday! You can definitely taste the difference between your veggies and the ones from the grocery store, that’s for sure. We don’t know what we’ll do this winter without you guys! Thanks again for all your hard work and love that went into this years harvest. We definitely feel nourished.” ~ Rebecca Smith

“As first time CSA participants and confirmed non-vegetarians, my husband and I were very impressed by the range of freshly harvested vegetables that Nourished Roots provided every week from mid-June to the end of September.  The lettuces, carrots, beets, radishes, sprouts, peppers, and tomatoes that we love were flavourful and tasty.  We were pleasantly surprised each week as we were introduced to new vegetables that we had been in the habit of ignoring - Swiss chard, kohlrabi, bokchoy became familiar words in our conversations. Haley’s helpful blogs provided historical references as well as recipes and tips on how to cook these veggies, and so our nutritional awareness and appreciation of vegetables has been expanded. We enjoyed her charming philosophical commentary on her love of farming to provide good food. 
Congratulations to Haley and Paddy on a successful season. It has no doubt required a huge amount of work, but is a very worthwhile and noble endeavour. Thank you!” ~ Brigitte Schmidt

“What a great way to enjoy fresh, locally grown, pesticide free, top quality produce!
Haley and Paddy kept it interesting with their special selections of tomatoes, greens and other vegetables. The emails with ideas and serving suggestions also kept it interesting!
I look forward to next season!
Thank you for your hard work, Haley and Paddy!” ~ Anita Batten

“The Nourished Roots CSA was our first experience with a community supported agriculture program, and wow, what a wonderful surprise it was! Haley and Paddy put so much love and care into the veggies that they grow and they make sure that you feel that love as well. We found ourselves looking forward to their email each week that contained an update on what we would be receiving and tips and tricks (and amazing recipes!) for how to use some of the produce. Everything was so delicious and we even got to try some items we'd never tasted before (um, Kholrabi? DELICIOUS.) It was a wonderful experience that made us feel like a part of a bigger community, made us more creative in our cooking and we would truly recommend Nourished Roots Market Garden to anyone!” ~ Jen Murphy